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 Got a problem with griefers?

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Got a problem with griefers? Empty
PostSubject: Got a problem with griefers?   Got a problem with griefers? EmptySun Oct 24, 2010 2:14 am

Here is a good place where if u see a griefer or something that was griefed post a pic down below! As in the new reset someperson who was actually semiretarded put a chest over mine to make me not able to use it and they had it on private so of couse whenever i tried to get rid of it it just kept respawning. so i had to get my chest out and move it but, baron this is also a suggestion add it so mods can look into any chests and admins to see if someone is duping or has duped items in chest.

Edit: Moved to Server Videos/Pictures by dayallnash. Changed title.
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Got a problem with griefers?
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