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 20th of December Update!

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20th of December Update! Empty
PostSubject: 20th of December Update!   20th of December Update! EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 1:59 pm

Hey Everyone,

Little bit of news for you all.

As many of you know, we updated around four days ago. In them four days the admin/mod team strived to get the server's play count up. We were very succesful and consistently now have 12-15 people playing at one given time.

To freshen up the server for our current stalwarts I've implented new plugins and other neat features. Everyone now has "CraftBook". This plugin allows alot of new things to be made, for examples just google "Minecraft Craftbook" and you should get some more information on it. Also, LeafDropper has been put in place due to popular demand. Now when you chop a tree down you will notice the leaves will dissapear also. For Donators, two new plugins have arrived. "RoadWalker" which allows the creation of roads and tunnels wherever you walk, providing you have the materials. Also the mod to allow more complex redstone possibilities have been put in aswell.

With a new map comes new problems to overcome. We lost one of our admin, Zach1231x due to a problem in which he has been ban over. Due to this I felt the need to restructure the current admin/mod team. When Zach was admin I had no idea of his past griefing actions and now feel I have to choose who I make mod/admin or carefully. If you are an admin/mod and are suddenly not one, do not be offended. It's purely a judgement made that you might not be ready.

Here is the updated list on mods/admins and an explanation on what they do:

Head Admin

The head admin is basically number one in command. I may own the server, but the head admin runs it. They have as much authority as me and will be backed up in any decision they make by me.

Deputy Head Admin

They deputy will take over all responsibilities of the Head Admin when they are not on. Should be held with high regard still.


Notice there are alot of admins. They all spread over different timezones and we need their support whenever. They still have as much authority over the server as I do, they are expected to make fair decisions and uphold all rules set out. Any admin not showing maturity will be demoted.

Head Moderator

The head moderator is in charge of all moderators. This means he/she will be dealing with alot of problems brought up by moderators and then have to pass on all reports to the admins/owner.


The moderator team is small, but active. They are expected to teleport to players in trouble/need of assistance and use /gcheck whenever grief arrises.

Community manager

The community manager is the one to go to if you want something changed on the server. If you want a new plugin or feature just ask the community manager and he will run it by me.

If any moderator/admin has a query about their power please tell me. Everyone in these positions are expected to act MATURE and use /GCHECK regulary. You're here to police the server, so please do your job. I will not hesitate in taking away power.

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20th of December Update! Empty
PostSubject: Re: 20th of December Update!   20th of December Update! EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 5:02 pm

link to the redstone circuits stuff:
those marked with a "*" are for only donor's
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20th of December Update! Empty
PostSubject: Re: 20th of December Update!   20th of December Update! EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 9:10 pm

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20th of December Update! Empty
PostSubject: Re: 20th of December Update!   20th of December Update! Empty

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20th of December Update!
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