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 It's time for change

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It's time for change Empty
PostSubject: It's time for change   It's time for change EmptySat Aug 06, 2011 10:58 am

Dear members, mods and admins

I've been in this server for 7 or 8 months now. And I'm still not happy with some stuff.
PLEASE stop resetting the world.
And now don't give me all that bullshit like 'new update omg we need a new world because there are new features!'. You don't need a new world for that.
Me and almost every other member (yes I have asked them) don't want world resets. We want to build a house and collect recourses and build new stuff. Minecraft is not about starting over every week.

I know I have complained about this a lot (and so do other members), but this is the last one.

Kind regards,
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It's time for change Empty
PostSubject: Re: It's time for change   It's time for change EmptySun Aug 07, 2011 3:11 am

You've asked them. You've asked them all? Including members who don't know you? I think not.

The last map was a month old and amateur. The new map has been here for 2 weeks, a beautiful spawn has been built and everyone is happy. The decisiont o reset breathed fresh air into the game for many of us. A direct quote from Minim00se:

"It's not enough for me to just move house, I only feel better when we reset".

You've always been argumentative and pedantic, Geert. Don't make a post, all guns blazing about a need for change, making false claims along the way.

People who wanted the reset:

Burnt Toast

That's 11 players. The reset also brought players in from Planet MC.

I don't mind people ranting on valid grounds, but you hardly played on the last map anyway.
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It's time for change
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