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 Do not panic! This is just a minor setback! =P

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PostSubject: Do not panic! This is just a minor setback! =P   Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:25 am

Most of you know that server have been not at it's best state lately. After the newest patch the server mod which Baron was running stopped being fully functional and we had to go to another one, which is Bukket. That means all the modifications and plug-ins server had were not there anymore and Baron had to do it all over. In addition he has dedicated server ready for us. That means once it's all done there will be much higher player cap on the server and less lag and of course less downtime. Please be patient and understanding, we all are human and we all have our personal lives. Baron currently is having some troubles and can not spare time for us. But once it's all done server will be even better than before.
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Do not panic! This is just a minor setback! =P
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