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 Upcomming update

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Upcomming update Empty
PostSubject: Upcomming update   Upcomming update EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 6:28 pm

Notch wrote:

Status of SMP Health

The few hours I’ve been able to work today, I tried getting SMP Health as complete as possible. It will be released early next week.

Here’s the status:

* Send attack network data: DONE
* Add the ability to attack other entities: DONE
* Implement falling damage: NOT STARTED
* Implement respawning for dead players: PARTIALLY DONE (there are bugs with the player keeping the current location in some circumstances instead )
* Make eating food regenerate health: DONE
* Send health updates to the players: DONE

The “attack entities” code is done on a general level, so you can hurt animals, monsters, boats, carts and even other players.

There are a couple of other tweaks in the next update as well:

* Fix leaves. Again: DONE
* Optimize the lighting update slowdowns: STARTED
* Make players riding carts or boats a long way receive terrain updates: DONE
* Fix the block re-spawning bug: NOT STARTED
* Add “pvp” toggle flag to the server settings: NOT STARTED.
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Upcomming update
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